Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stuff-Some Priceless

Most of us have a cashe of stuff stashed away somewhere that we keep for various reasons. Much of it to bring back pleasant memories and occasionally some things not so pleasant. In addition to my top dresser drawer,and a few other places, here is where some of my "stuff" is located in my "library-office". While my wife keeps talking about our need to get rid of a lot of our stuff, just this afternoon she handed me a Stark Brothers Nursery "Quota Buster" lapel pin that she found in a dresser drawer. It would have come to me back in the 1950's when I was doing some selling for them. I havn't missed it in all these years so maybe I should put it on eBay, instead I put it on the middle shelf (next to the little pickup truck). I also noticed the rusty, broken, quarter inch bolt that served as a sheer pin in the Bush Hog's power take-off system which reminded me that farming in our retirement years was not really that much  fun. But a prized possessioin at the right end of the top shelf is an old Aspirn bottle of clear glass with a screw off lid. It has a little Heart shaped pin cushion inside along with some dried Babysbreath flowers. The little cloth label tied to the bottle has the message: "Bottled Love-1992". Priceless


  1. I should learn to spell "cache" and "aspirin". I also could have mentioned that the that the little Heart shaped pin cushion was hand sewn and large enough that a 12 year old girl must have had difficulty getting it in the bottle.

  2. How sweet, Dad! By the way, I've really enjoyed the "old" pictures you've posted this week. The Potomac boat ride picture was a classic!