Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A moment in history

We moved to the Washington, D.C. Area in the summer of 1962 when the Kennedy Administration had brought a youthful vigor to the Country. Though the job that took us there was non political, we all felt the enthusiasm of the Administration. President Kennedy's assassination was a tremendous loss to the Nation, the World and a personal loss to most of us. We watched the TV coverage of the long lines that passed through the Capitol as his body lie in state; saw the Navy Sea Chanters sing the Navy Hymn (Eternal Father Strong to Save); and watched the very impressive funeral services. At the appropriate time, we loaded our four children in our station wagon and drove the short distance from our home to the area near the west end of Memorial Bridge. It was from that vantage point that we watched the funeral cortege pass by on its way to Arlington Cemetery. My picture caught the horse drawn cortege with the flag draped casket but could never capture to emotion of the moment.

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