Friday, February 4, 2011

The Joy of Grandchildren

Computers were a bit of a novelty to grandchildren, Tony (age 6) and Maggie (age 4) when they came to visit in the spring of 1995. They came back from Indiana to visit soon after we were home from spending a few weeks at Victoria Palms in Donna, Texas and a train trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. As we read about such visits in my Journals, we can appreciate some of the events more now than at the time they actually happened. Tony was very much the big brother explaining to Maggie all about the computer and really looked after his little sister (He still does). Maggie was just what you would expect as demonstrated by my Journal entry that, “She knows more words than what she knows their meaning---but she comes close”.  Their sleeping quarters were apart from our bedroom but Maggie would wake up early and come crawl in bed with us. She would then set on my lap as I read the morning paper. One morning the sun had come up as we walked out into the living room and she asked, “Who turned the light on?” Was that a teaching moment or what??

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  1. This morning's paper quoted Aline Kilmer (American poet, 1988-1941) as saying, "Many excellent words are ruined by too definite a knowledge of their meaning". It seemed to fit the quote on Maggie's use of words.