Monday, February 14, 2011

Prized Bull-Prized Farmer

A farmer and his prized bull. This was a farmer before they were called “producers”. The term producer tends to imply using GMO seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and all the necessary purchased inputs to raise and market grain crops. We call that production agriculture. A farmer by comparison used crop rotations with legumes and grasses; had diversified farms that included cattle, hogs, chickens, and spent years conserving and improving the quality of their soil and the quality of their livestock. This farmer spent over 35 years building a small herd of Polled Herebford cattle from a beginning back in the early 40's with the purchase of a few Registered Purebred Polled Herefords of the Domino strain. What you see resulted from his good judgement as to which animals were kept for breeding stock and which were sent to market. This picture is not only of a prized bull but a prized farmer; he was my Dad.

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  1. Amazing bull! Of course, I have always been partial to herefords.