Monday, April 29, 2013

Elaine & Arguta Spirea

Our temperature hit 83 degrees  today. As recently as 4 days ago we were below freezing. Elaine is shown here standing behind our Arguta Spirea bush. The Arguta flowers come out the earliest of any of the Spireas and have been frosted back a couple times this spring. I've always liked the Arguta better than the more common Vanhoutte Spirea because of the appearance of the bush. The leaves are long and narrow and create a "Fern like" appearance. I became acquainted with several varieties of Spirea while working with Nebraska Nurseries many years ago. Elaine was out in the back yard helping me mow our backyard lawn for the first time this spring. The over seeding that we did a couple weeks ago has come up but the weather has been cool up until the last couple days.

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