Sunday, April 7, 2013

Czechs and Balances

We drove down to the old Warren Opera House in Friend, NE this afternoon where the "York Czechs" and the Nebraska Humanities sponsored Dr. Bruce Garner. He is a History Professor at UNO and spoke on Czech immigration to America and its relationship with Agriculture. It appeared that a high percentage of the 100 or so in attendance had Czech roots. He told of the revolution against the Hapsburg Austria-Hungary Empire in 1848 which brought about the end of Serfdom and enabled "surfs" to leave the Country. Soon after opportunities opened up in America,  Rail Road Companies advertised in Europe and promoted the settlement of the Midwest. That change and the shortage of agricultural land over there were among the reasons that led to many of our ancestors coming here. Dr. Garner's presentation was preceded by a button accordion jamboree with 7 musicians. We enjoyed a delicious coffee and cookie time following his talk and Q &A discussion. Then we had a tour of the old Opera Hall upstairs. Great afternoon for anyone interested in Czech Heritage.

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